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About our String Ensembles

Updated: Feb 11

Our string ensembles are structured on three levels ranging from the Junior Strings for children at the very earliest stages of learning, through the Intermediates and ultimately to the Senior String Ensemble Each ensemble is led by one or more of our experienced team of professional directors, each of whom is an expert in working with children at different levels of their musical development.

Progression to the highest standard

Progression between string groups is by recommendation of Ensemble Directors who meet regularly to review the progressive pathway for each individual student with the aim of giving them the most appropriate experience for their age and level of playing.

Junior String Orchestra

Mondays 5.00-6.00pm at Glossopdale School -- for beginner players up to grade 2

Group of children playing string instruments

A warm and encouraging welcome awaits new players joining our Junior Strings. With carefully differentiated music in a variety of styles, children learn the basics of playing together, keeping in time and making a good sound whilst having an enjoyable and rewarding musical experience.

The group enjoys a range of activities including Dalcroze and Kodaly based musical games and rehearsing for concerts … where they show off all their amazing achievements to parents and grandparents.

Led by our expert team of professional directors, each of whom is a specialist in working with children at the early stages of their musical journey, the music is tailor-written to cater for the individual abilities of each child from playing open strings to more sophisticated melodies.


Intermediate String Orchestra

Mondays 5.00-6.00pm at Glossopdale School -- for players of grade 2-4 ability

Two boys playing cellos

Our Intermediate Strings Ensemble takes playing in a string orchestra to the next level. This is an energetic and inspiring session!

The group is directed by Emma Dixon, an established expert in string pedagogy and music education from beginner to advanced level.

The group enjoys a wide range of music in different styles from classical and folk to film music and pop songs whilst developing instrumental, ensemble and musicianship skills. All music is carefully graded and differentiated within each piece to ensure every player has an achievable and rewarding musical experience whilst developing musical skills to make good progress and build confidence.


Senior Strings Orchestra

Mondays 7.30-8.30pm at Glossopdale School -- for players of grade 5+ ability

Two boys playing violins

Our most advanced ensemble for string players, Senior Strings explores a range of inspiring and sophisticated music in a variety of genres through each year.

Directed by Emma Dixon, the emphasis is on developing expressive playing and advanced communication and ensemble skills whilst exploring more advanced instrumental techniques in a supportive and nurturing atmosphere.

Senior Strings players join the Music Foundation on the biennial European tour which has taken them as far afield as the Czech Republic, Italy, Belgium and most recently Spain. The next tour is to Saxony visiting Leipzig, Dresden, Bad Schmiedeberg and Colditz Castle.


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