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About our groups for Young Music-Makers

Updated: Feb 11

Two fun and interactive music classes for children aged 4 and up based on the established music education methods of Dalcroze Eurhythmics and the Kodaly Method.

Supertonics and Leading Notes

Wednesdays 4.15-5.00pm and 5.00-5.45pm

at Whitfield St. James Primary School

Group of children playing musical games

The Supertonics group is for our youngest musical learners from age 4 and is a great way to build firm musical foundations before starting to learn an instrument. Supertonics members enjoy musical games and creative activities to develop fundamental musical skills including pulse and rhythm skills, pitch accuracy, music reading, singing and expression.

Leading Notes (age 7+) follows on to build musicianship skills and supports instrumental learning through the early grades. Children learn together through musical games, movement and singing to become confident and expressive musicians. We also develop all the skills needed to ace those ABRSM aural tests through the early grades and beyond!


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